Briefe an Susanne, Kommentar                                             Brieftext


165. Gail W.                                                       Toronto, 15.1.1967

[im Original] Dear Susanne,

It seems we’ve lost contact but I liked writing to you. I hope you receive this letter wherever you are. I suppose many things have happened. I’m in Grade 12 at Eastern Commerce. I went to Quebec last summer with the Centennial Commission as sponsor. I worked too. School is keeping me busy.

I hope you will answer this letter. Tell me what you have been doing.

Your friend,

Quebec] Provinz Kanadas mit dem größten frankophonen Bevölkerungsanteil; Hauptstadt Québec.

the Centennial Commission] eine 1967 gegründete kanadische Organisation zur Förderung der Verständnisses verschiedene gesellschaftlicher Gruppen untereinander.