Rudolf Erich Raspe: Gulliver revived, London 1786 (R5)

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The Baron relates, an account of his first travels.

The astonishing effects of a storm.

Arrives at Ceylon; combats and conquers two extraordinary opponents.

Returns to Holland.


In which the. Baron proves himself a good shot.

He loses bis horse, and finds a wolf

Makes him draw his sledge.

Promises to entertain bis company with a relation of such facts as are well deserving their notice.


An encounter between the Baron's nose and a door- post, with its wonderful effects.

Fifty brace of ducks and other fowl destroyed by one shot.

Flogs a fox out of his skin.

Leads an old sow home in a new way, and vanquishes a wild boar.


Reflections on Saint Hubert's stag.

Shoots a stag with cherry-stones;

be wonderful effects of it.

Kills a beer by extraordinary dexterity; his danger pathetically described.

Attacked by a wolf, which he turns inside out.

Is assailed by a mad dog, from which he escapes.

The Baron's cloak seized with madness, by which bis whole wardrobe is thrown into confusion.


The effects of great activity and presence of mind.

A favourite hound described, which pups while pursuing a hare; the bare also litters while pursued by the bound.

Presented with a famous horse by Count Przobossky, with which be performs many extraordinary feats.


The Baron is made a prisoner of war, and fold for a slave

Keeps the sultanʼs bees, which are attacked by two bears

Loses one of his bees; a silver hatchet, which be throws at the bears; rebounds and flies up to the moon; brings it back by an ingenious invention; falls to the earth on his return; and helps himself out of a pit

Extricates himself from a carriage which meets his, in a narrow road, in a manner never before attempted, nor practised since. The wonderful effect of the frost upon his servantʼs French-born,


The Baron relates his adventures on a voyage to North America, which are well worth the reader's attention.

Pranks of a whale.

A seagull saves a sailor's life.

The Baron's head forced into his stomach.

A dangerous leak stopped a posteriori,


Bathes in the Mediterranean

Meets an unexpected companion

Arrives unintentionally in the regions of beat and darkness, from which he is extricated by dancing a hornpipe

Frightens bis deliverers, and returns on shore,


Adventures in Turkey, and upon the river Nile

Sees a balloon over Constantinople, shoots at, and brings it down; finds a French experimental philosopher suspended from it.

Goes on an embassy to Grand Cairo, and returns upon the Nile, where he is thrown into an unexpected situation, and detained fix weeks,


Pays a visit during the siege of Gibraltar to his old friend' General Elliot.

Sinks a Spanish man of war.

Wakes an old woman on the African coast.

Destroys all the enemy's cannon; frightens the Count dʼArtois, and sends him back to Paris.

Saves the lives of two English spies with the identical sling that killed Goliah, and raises the siege,


An interesting account of the Baronʼs ancestors.

A quarrel relative to the spot where Noah built his ark.

The history of the sling, and its properties.

A favourite poet introduced upon no very reputable occasion.

Queen Elizabethʼs abstinence.

The Baronʼs father crosses from England to Holland, upon a marine horse, which he sells for seven hundred ducats,


The frolic; its consequences.

Wind for castle.

St. Paulʼs.

College of pysicians, undertakers, sextons & almost ruined.

Industry of the apothecaries,


The Baron sails with Captain Phipps

Attacks two large bears, and has a very narrow escape.

Gains the confidence of these animals, and then destroys thousands of them; loads the ship with their hams and skins; makes presents of the former; and obtains a general invitation to all city feasts.

A dispute between the Captain and the Baron, in which, from motives of politeness, the Captain is suffered to gain his point.

The Baron declines the honour of a throne, and an empress into the bargain,


Our Baron excels Baron Tott beyond all comparison; yet fails in part of bis attempt.

Gets into disgrace with the Grand Seignior, who orders his head to be cut off.

Escapes, and gets on board a vessel, in which he is carried to Venice.

Baron Tottʼs origin, with some account of that great man's parents.

Pope Ganganelliʼs amour.

His Holiness fond of shell–fish,


A further account of the journey from Harwich to Helvoetsluys.

Description of a number of marine objects, never mentioned by any traveller before.

Rocks seen in this passage equal to the Alps in magnitude; lobsters, crabs, &c. of an extraordinary magnitude.

A woman's life saved.

The cause of her falling into the sea.

Dr. Hawesʼs directions followed with success,


This is a very short chapter, but contains a fact for which the Baron's memory ought to be dear to every English man, especially those who may hereafter have the misfortune of being made prisoners of war,


Voyage Eastward.

The Baron introduces a friend, who never deceived him; wins a hundred guineas by pinning his faith upon that friendʼs nose.

Game started at sea.

Some other circumstances, which will, it is hoped, afford the reader no small degree of amusement,


A second visit (but an accidental one) to the moon.

The hip driven by a whirlwind a thousand leagues above the surface of the water, where a new atmosphere meets them, and carries them into a capacious harbour in the moon.

A description of the inhabitants, and their manner of coming into the lunarian world.

Animals, customs, weapons of war, wines, vegetables, & c.


The Baron crosses the Thames without the assistance of a bridge, ship, boat, or balloon, or even his own will; rouses himself after a long nap, and destroys a monster, who lived upon the destruction of others,


The Baron flips through the world, from the centre of Mount Etna; and finds himself in the South Sea; visits Vulcan in his passage; gets on board a Dutchman; arrives at an island of Cheese surrounded by a sea of Milk; de Scribes some very extraordinary objects.

Lose their compass; their Ship passes between the teeth of a fish unknown in this part of the world; their difficulty in escaping from thence; arrive in the Caspian Sea. Starves a bear to death. A few waistcoat anecdotes.

Accommodates Sir William Chambers with extraordinary officer,



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